European Open Source & Free Software Law Event

This edition's topic: Legal aspects on free software in public administrations: hands on.

This event has been cancelled to slow down the spreading of COVID-19 virus. We know this is a big loss for everyone involved, for organisers, speakers, participants, volunteers and also for the budgets.

Our full solidarity and we hope you grow stronger than ever in your next editions <3

02 April 2020 add to your calendar
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International annual conference cycle, the European Open Source & Free Software Law Event (EOLE) aims to promote the share and dissemination of legal knowledge related to free software, as well as the development and promotion of good practices. Initiative born in 2008 from practitioners' needs, EOLE has for purpose to develop a legal doctrine dedicated to the dissemination of neutral and qualitative information. This year, the one-day conference will take place in Turin (Italy) on April 2nd.

For a long time, Free and Open Source Software has been more a "potential" rather than a reality in Public Administration, dominated by large private sector IT contracts. In the last few years, however, Public Administrations around the world have really started to take FOSS seriously on a formal basis, with significant initiatives (such as laws fostering free software adoption or distribution by Public Administrations, and the EU "Join-Up" program).

This year's EOLE conference, held in association with CSI Piemonte, in the frame of Merge-it, in Torino on 2nd April 2020, will focus on the current legal issues of creating and using free and open source software in public administration.

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