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Planet Earth in its late 2010s: Europeans are facing massive right-wing populism with an uprise of right-wing movements in most parts of the continent. In just a little of time, nationalist parties and conservative leaders are tearing down fundamental freedoms. Freedoms that have taken decades to be introduced and established. We already suffer by new forms of political oppression and restrictions of freedom in many European member states. One can only speculate how the situation develops in the next decade or the one after, how borders and walls outside and within Europe will be re-established. But one can be sure that when crossing borders will become a privilege again, inter-European families, networks, communities and the whole civil society will get dispersed.

To grow and live (in) a free society we need freedom of exchange. We need human cooperation as a breeding ground for creativity and inspiration as well as a fundament to safeguard our peace and mutual understanding. Freedom of people - just as freedom of code - is fundamental to Free, Libre and Open Source Software and their communities and a requirement to collectively construct our commons.

This project shall help growing a free society. As long as inner-European borders can still be crossed and international events are possible, this page is here to encourage you to get to know and network with each other. Create international organisations, form resilient communities and build friendships between each other across borders. Go to a FOSS event in another country this year, an event where you have never been before. Get to know new people there, their habits, knowledge and backgrounds. Help each other and listen to each other. And above all do what you always love to do:

Use, study, share and improve. Together.

No borders. No nations.

Just humans.

And tech.

No DRM. No firewalls.

Just freedom.

And humans.

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about: website

// foss.events is about connecting people beyond borders and nations who understand the benefits of sharing knowledge and to collectively use, study, share and improve it for everyone. For this you find the most comprehensive list of Free, Libre and/or Open Source Software (related) events happening in Europe on the front-page.

Keep in mind that this website is a work in progress. It is built from scratch and step by step shall become a database-driven web-project for and by the FOSS community to help connecting people. If you are interested in sharing knowlege or improving something get in contact or open an issue on github. Also drop by once in a while to enjoy the latest features : )

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about: data

All event-data on // foss.events is collected by hand or generously shared with us by an event-organiser. In both cases we guarantee neither completeness nor correctness of the data shown. If in doubt, please confirm with the information given on the event's own website. If you find an inaccuracy on our site, please help to fix it by contributing []. Refer to this legend to understand our data-set:

about: legend

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about: criteria

// foss.events is all about collecting and spreading FOSS events in Europe. These are mainly conferences but can also be meetings, *-a-thons, camps, festivals, exhibitions and other kind of events - as long as they match the following criteria:

If you know about a Free, Libre and/or Open Source Software event in Europe that matches this criteria and is not yet in our list, please contribute. []

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about: contributing

If you know of an event that matches our criteria [] and you do not see it mentioned in our list of events, please contribute. The easiest option is to simply copy-paste the URL of the event into the body section of an email and after checking we will list it here. Also if you see that some information is missing on our side, use the same email-address and send us any missing information of the event.

If you are an organiser or you have 5 minutes of time, it would be of such a great help to this project if you can use this advanced email-template and help us with collecting all necessary information about an event. If you have trouble understanding our data set, check the legend [↑] for an explanation.

Or, if you feel comfortable to send us the information about your event as a pull request, you can also edit the tab-separated data file for the year of your event on GitHub.

Thank you so much for your contribution!

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about: freedom

We believe in the 4 freedoms to use, study, share and improve an software. Our page is self-made and published as FOSS under AGPLv3. You can find the code on github.

about: diversity

There are reasons and arguments why some people prefer FOSS over FLOSS or vice versa, why some refer to Open Source and others to Free Software or Libre Software. And who knows, potentially in the next decade even a new term will be created ... (We heard sustainable software is an upcoming candidate.)

At // foss.events we love this diversity. All these terms have their relevance and they allow us to put slightly different emphasis on the same technologies. Because apart from the actual naming and the details in the semantics, all these names technically refer to the same kind of software: Software that is published under a license that grants any user the 4 freedoms to use, study, share and improve the software without limitations. That is why on // foss.events we will not prefer one name over the other and in case we use one, it is representative to all the others.

Let us unite in diversity: No matter the name, if your event is about the four freedoms of software your event is part of // foss.events!

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about: sustainability

// foss.events is hosted using Green Energy, checked by the The Green Web Foundation:

This website is hosted Green - checked by thegreenwebfoundation.org

And according to the Website Carbon Calculator, // foss.events is cleaner than 98% of websites tested \°/

Websitecarbon.com says: This website is cleaner than 98% of websites tested

Only 0.01g of CO2 is produced every time someone visits this website.

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about: privacy

// foss.events does not track you. We do not collect any data or behaviour on our sites. The Electronic Frontiers Foundation's Privacy Badger gives us a Hooray for Privacy:

Electronic Frontier Foundation's Privadcy Badger says: No trackers detected: Hooray for Privacy

// foss.events supports de-Googlization. Our website is self-coded [] and we do not use Google for anything! Google tracking exposed confirms: No analysis, no trackers, no ads.

kreuzberg.google.tracking.exposed says: This site is free from Google trackers!
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about: contact

Whenever you feel like giving us your feedback, you have a good idea or you want to give us a digital hug, you can simply send us an email. Also consider following us on Mastodon or Twitter to enjoy our toots and tweets around foss-events in Europe.

about: people

// foss.events is a project for and by all FOSS enthusiasts and everyone else who seeks living in a Free Society. In its daily operations, it is run by some friendly Free Software geeks who simply feel like doing what we feel to be good. If you have questions or are looking for direct contact, reach out to Erik 'Dreirik' Albers (brainpower), Michael Weimann (technical lead) or Max Mehl (department of good advice).

The domain foss.events was initially registered and run by OpenRheinRuhr e.V. and later generously shared with // foss.events. Thank you so much for this priceless contribution!

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