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Fort Monostor, Komárom, Hungary OSM / geo
Camping, Community Conference
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The "Hungarian Autonomous Center for Knowledge and friends" runs the camp with the help of self-organized volunteer teams and on its own funds for the 8th year now. We are proud of this and we are looking forward to copying the inspiring example of independent self-organizing as championed by the organizers of the Chaos Communication Congress and Camps. We regard this event as one of the few places where a global exchange using the creative-critical approach to technology and society is possible without censorship.

We are not providing a stage to secret services or other state organizations. However, based on our concept and on the fact that work is done on a voluntary basis, a thorough advance screening of participants and speakers is not possible.

It goes without saying that everyone attending the camp should be treated with respect and consideration. A significant proportion of delegates and speakers value their privacy, the integrity of their own data and their photographic likenesses. Those who attach less importance to a personal agency in these matters are in a stronger position. We, therefore, ask them to respect the feelings and wishes of others.

Registration required?
Tickets can be registered in our ticketing system and are required to participate at the event – even for speakers and/or organizers. Registration is free and submitting personal information is not required. Payment is done on your last day of participation, which is 1/n-th of the total costs of the camp, where n is the number of participants. See also our RFC about this. Every piece of information you submit to our ticketing system will be destroyed by the end of the event.
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