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28 January 2021 add to your calendar
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Digital Sovereignty for companies, the education sector and the state is more relevant than ever and will be the focus of the Univention Summit 2021. Therefore projects such as Phoenix - the development of an Open Source web workplace for public administration - and the Sovereign Cloud Stack (SCS) - the open and federated IT infrastructure of Gaia X - are on the agenda.

The participants of the Univention Summit 2021 will also learn all about the new features and technical basis of UCS 5 and UCS@school 5. Further users will report on best practices in the use of UCS and UCS@school. And numerous manufacturers and IT service providers will be there, presenting their IT services in workshops and in the accompanying exhibition.

Main organiser
Univention Gmbh
Standard participation fee
30 Euro €
Technologies in use
Online Interactivity
Streams, Q&A, virtual trade fairs, Barcamp
User's freedom


Users must use non-free software to fully connect or participate

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Univention, Phoenix,Gaia X

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