OSOR Conference - OSOR Turns 15: From Pioneering to Mainstreaming Open Technologies in Public Services

21-23 November 2023 add to your calendar
Steigenberger Wiltcher's, Brussels, Belgium OSM / geo
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Join us on 21 November to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the European Commission’s Open Source Observatory (OSOR). The conference “OSOR Turns 15: From Pioneering to Mainstreaming Open Technologies in Public Services” will gather movers and shakers of open source in public services including public officials from around the EU, businesses, organisations, researchers, developers, and groups that collectively make up the diverse OSOR community.

Ever since open source emerged, Europe’s public services have been using, contributing to, and supporting it as an effective way to accelerate digital transformation in a more open, transparent, and interoperable way. This conference will shine a spotlight on those individuals, projects, and organisations that spearheaded these developments and those who continue the mission of sustainable and open digital transition throughout the EU today. This exciting day will conclude with a celebration of the most impactful open source solutions and initiatives during the OSOR Awards ceremony.

The conference will cover a variety of topics: open source policies, digital autonomy; OSPOs in the public sector; twin transition and open source; cooperation of cities and municipalities; trust, transparency and accountability; funding; public-private collaboration; and the goals that open source helps meet to achieve Europe’s ambitious digital agenda.

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