// foss.events Hackathon - // foss.events Hackathon 1.2024

12-13 January 2024 add to your calendar
Hackquarter CCC FFM, Frankfurt, Germany OSM / geo
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Kind of meta, but this is the first hackathon in 2024 of this very own calendar so it also needs a place in this calendar : )

If you like what we are doing, join us! We'll hack from 11:00 to 22:00

We have a roadmap that we are working on and that you can help us with but you can of course also choose on of the open issues from our tracker at your own choice: https://codeberg.org/foss.events/foss-events-website/issues

Or you like to help adding events? We can offer a list of events not yet aggregated.

No need to be in Frankfurt yourself, you can also remotely participate! If you want to join remotely, simply get in contact in our Matrix room: https://matrix.to/#/#foss.events:matrix.org

Looking forward meeting you!

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0 €
Technologies in use
Matrix, Git, Big Blue Button
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