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ByteNight - ByteNight, The unofficial FOSDEM afterparty

03 February 2024 add to your calendar
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Hackerspace Brussels is again organizing it's unofficial FOSDEM afterparty on February 3 2024. And this time it will be even bigger and better than last year. We invite all people from the hackerspaces and FLOS communities (FOSDEM, OFFDEM, ...) to come join us for a night of socializing, dancing or just having a club mate or beer.

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Hackerspace Brussels
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Entrance to the event is free of charge for visitors of FOSDEM, OFFDEM and people linked to the Hacking & FLOS Communities at large. The doorperson may ask some arbitrary question to verify this. We don't like to gatekeep, but as this is a private event we need some way of firewalling out people who are not familiar with the community and are just looking for a party to crash.


ByteNight will take place just like last year inside the Brussels Hackerspace. The entrance to the event will be Rue de la Petite île 1, 1070 Anderlecht. Exact instructions how to get to the space can be found on the hsbxl website. Also important to note is that the space is on the 3th floor and regrettably the elevator is permanently out of order.

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