UnFUCK - Unix Friends and Users Campus Kamp 2024

This edition's topic: Disastrous Recovery
26-28 April 2024 add to your calendar
Furtwangen University, Furtwangen, Germany OSM / geo
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Embark on a captivating journey into the heart of the Unix and Linux world during UnFUCK® 2024, a small but mighty event exploring the complex world of open source computing taking place at Furtwangen University's auditorium from 26‑28 April. Experience the transformative discussions that make up the Unix and Linux community, where chaos is embraced, momentum is celebrated and every setback becomes a springboard for progress.

#unfuck #unfuck24
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UnFUG Furtwangen
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The deadline for this CfP passed on 29.03.2024.
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#linux, #security, #chaos, #privacy


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