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CiviCamp - CiviCamp Hamburg 2024

This edition's topic: Beyond the core: Your CiviCRM can do more
03-07 June 2024 add to your calendar
Jugendherberge Horner Rennbahn, Hamburg, Germany OSM / geo
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What else can CiviCRM do beyond its core functions? Join us for an inspiring CiviCRM summer camp that showcases what becomes possible when we make use of the versatile configuration and extension tools CiviCRM has to offer! SYSTOPIA and FlyingCivi are happy to invite you to be part of an international CiviCamp (3 June 2024) and sprint (4–7 June 2024) in Hamburg. It’s the perfect opportunity to gain a glimpse into CiviCRM’s full potential, to get inspired by other organizations’ success stories and to engage in a fruitful international exchange with developers and experts, including the CiviCRM core team.

The opportunities offered by the CiviCRM platform are rich and diverse: flexible configurations and set-ups, powerful extensions, APIs and integrations, and additional customization through multiple programming interfaces for developers. This CiviCamp focuses on conversations around technically advanced developments and setups whilst opening up the access to these complex topics for all CiviCRM enthusiasts and users. Last but not least, we want to foster international exchange with and among those who are shaping the future of CiviCRM: key users, implementers, core and extension developers.

Planned contents include: • Introduction to CiviCRM, including extensions, APIs & Co. • Presentation of the most important tools to customize your CiviCRM • Inspiring showcases of sophisticated set-ups • Workshops for developers and admins • Improving existing functionality and making new things possible with CiviCRM during an extended, four-day sprint

Main organiser
SYSTOPIA, FlyingCivi
Standard participation fee
70 €

After the camp we will meet for an intensive sprint, attended by the CiviCRM core team. You are invited to volunteer some time to improve the CiviCRM universe even more and work on solutions with other users and developers. Advanced technical skills are not required to participate – documentation and creation of use cases are valuable contributions, too!

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Call for Participation
Take part. Deadline: 30.04.2024
#CiviCRM, #CiviCamp, #CRM, #NonProfitCRM

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