Open Repositories Conference

This edition's topic: Empowering Global Progress
03-06 June 2024 add to your calendar
Chalmers University of Technology, Gothenborg, Sweden OSM / geo
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The annual international Open Repositories (OR) Conference occupies a unique place in the landscape of open knowledge, open source and digital preservation conferences.

Acknowledging institutional interests in the vital role open repositories play in preserving and creating access to scholarly outputs, the OR focus on “how to” rather than “how come” has made it a favourite among librarians, developers and repository managers among others.

OR is the conference where attendees learn about formative techniques and technologies while connecting with people who are solving related issues at their institutions.

OR provides participants with an informal look at current community practices and future repository trends combined with collegial networking opportunities. This dynamic makes this conference the preferred event for people who have on-the-ground responsibilities for stewarding digital resources.

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