Berlin Buzzwords - Berlin Buzzwords 2024

09-11 June 2024 add to your calendar
Kulturbrauerei Berlin, Berlin, Germany OSM / geo
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Berlin Buzzwords is Europe’s leading conference for modern data infrastructure, search and machine learning and is focused on open source software projects. At #bbuzz leading experts present, demystify and educate an international audience on a range of modern industry trends. It provides an independent, vendor neutral platform for developers, engineers, IT architects, analysts and data scientists who are interested in information retrieval, the searchability of large amounts of data and big data processing. Berlin Buzzwords further offers a place to network within and across the different communities, and to amplify the idea of Open Source above and beyond the realm of software development.

Main organiser
Plain Schwarz
Standard participation fee
860 €
Technologies in use
Pretix, Pretlax, Venueless, Big Blue Buton
Online Interactivity
Q+A with speakers
# of participants last time
Call for Participation
The deadline for this CfP passed on 25.02.2024.
Code of Conduct
First edition held in


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