Hack the Earth

05-07 July 2024 add to your calendar
Calafou, Calafou, Spain OSM / geo
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Hackeja La Terra (Hack The Earth) is a weekend of talks, workshops, experimentation, debates and some artistic proposals around free culture, transfeminism, activism and community struggles, environmentalism and social transformation where we propose to learn and share knowledge to grow together and to focus our energy on more logical and consequential objectives and actions.

Because we need to share community strategies based on anti-racism and anti-fascisism to combat the rise of the extreme right that only favours the rich; to ask ourselves how make pedagogy with our neighbours and friends, our work colleagues and families; to think about how to alleviate the effects of drought and combat the inequalities generated by restrictions from a ecological perspective; to organise ourselves to counter attacks on our fellow migrants, dissidents, feminists and fighters for the labour rights of all. We want to show our face in Palestine, in Congo, in Sudan there are so many countries that are suffering (being assassinated) for purely capitalist interests.

And, for ending this adventure, We invite you to celebrate with us the 13th anniversary of Calafou*. We want to celebrate and thank you for so many years in this space that we have built together.

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25 €

This event is a full-time experience in the coutryside, where attendees eat, share and live together for three days. Sleeping in tents or in multi-bed rooms.

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