BalCCon2k20 - Balkan Computer Congress 2020

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25-27 September 2020 add to your calendar
?, Novi Sad, Serbia
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Unfortunately we have decided to cancel Balkan Computer Congress-BalCCon2k20. It was a tough decision. Currently there’s no way to gather everyone together and keep them safe. We had hopes that things would be stable by September. Although the situation is getting better, there is still too much uncertainty. September may still be too early to be so many people gathered in small rooms. We can not imagine BalCCon2k20 with masks and 1.5m distance (just imagine Rakija Leaks ). That would ruin the whole spirit of the conference.

Still we decided not to cancel all events at BalCCon2k20. CTF will take place and we will still make a T-Shirts and sell them. There will be for sure couple more online events during planed dates for BalCCon2k20. Stay tuned!!!

Stay healthy, stay safe, and stay in touch!!! Hope to see you all again at BalCCon2k21!!!

Our major goal is to gather all the communities from the region and abroad so we can socialize, hack, play, learn, exchange knowledge and experience and of course, party together.

BalCCon is community organized and non commercial event - from Hackers to Hackers. We are aiming to become the center of the hacker community in the region as well as to provide an opportunity for all the people in this part of Europe to connect and to cooperate.

Program and speakers will be taken through a Call for Papers few months before the congress. We have planned some special guests whose reputation is well known in the community. All applications sent by people will be stored and graded by congress orga people.

BalCCon is an international conference, therefore your submissions should be in English. It is expected that we will have participants from all over the World, so it is important to have a common language.

Standard participation fee
Assembly space, Rakia Leaks
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