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Caught in the web, in love with stars…

28-11 June 2021 add to your calendar
Amarauna, Ziordia, Spain OSM / geo
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THX welcomes us at the intersection of worlds to share our practices of writing for care and creation, small singularities engage the question of collective practices – no technology can replace the word and the attention paid to oneself and to others – and in particular this year those of mycorrhizal alliances: how to compose transversal experiences of perennial mutual aid in spite of divergences and unsurpassable power relationships, in spite of the hiatus between resistant modes of organization and constrained and submissive digital practices, in spite of (or thanks to) the frictions that cross us and the world…

Les petites singularités - Berezitasun txikiak - invites you to continue the work done last year around Prendre Soin by integrating it into this third techno-landscape that we have been raving about for three years. This is a two-week writing residency[1] with a double objective : to create a publication on the model of Software Freedom Your Way and Prendre Soin, that is to say a 64-page booklet that fits in your pocket, with excerpts of various texts and links to their complete versions and associated online discussions; and then we want to create an object, a hyper-book, which will be published later, with numerous contributions, and in a new format that will allow us to keep an overview of the work, direct access to the references, and allow for a non-linear reading.

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Petites Singularités
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It is necessary to count about twenty euro per day of presence plus the food. Here again, we will create a solidarity fund to facilitate the participation of all. If you have a special diet, please indicate it so that we can adapt the collective kitchen to your needs.

  • Children are welcome and we will be able to take care of them collectively if necessary.
  • Due to the uncertainty of the international health situation, we recommend that you follow the information about yourself.
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