DebConf - DebConf 21

22-29 August 2021 add to your calendar
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Though we invite proposals on any Debian or FLOSS related subject, we have some broad topics on which we encourage people to submit proposals, including but not limited to:

  • Introduction to Free Software & Debian
  • Packaging, policy, and Debian infrastructure
  • Systems administration, automation and orchestration
  • Cloud and containers
  • Security
  • Community, diversity, local outreach and social context
  • Internationalization, Localization and Accessibility
  • Embedded & Kernel
  • Debian in Arts & Science
  • Debian Blends and Debian derived distributions
Main organiser
Debian Hackers
Standard participation fee
Online Interactivity
To be defined.
User's freedom
To be defined.
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Call for Participation
The deadline for this CfP passed on 20.06.2021.
Code of Conduct
First edition held in

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