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Congreso esLibre - Congreso EsLibre 2024

24-25 May 2024 add to your calendar
Etopia, Zaragoza Art and Technology Centre, Valencia, Spain OSM / geo
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esLibre is a meeting of people interested in the dissemination of libre culture and libre technologies, both in the form of libre software and libre hardware, as well as the communities that make this possible. The next edition will also be held in person (although there will be the option to follow it online) on Friday 24 and Saturday 25 May, hosted on this occasion by the GNU/Linux València community.

At esLibre we try to hold an annual event where everyone is invited to participate, you just need to have something to say about the world of libre technologies and libre culture. We are interested in people of all ages, experiences and profiles whether they are technical or users. We are eager to listen and learn from everyone and our main goal is to reach out to communities of all kinds.

#esLibre2024 #esLibre
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GNU/Linux València
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The deadline for this CfP passed on 28.01.2024.
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