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Past events in 2019


17 Connected Smart Cities Conference in Brussels, Belgium
26-27 in Brno, Czech Republic


03-04 FOSDEM in Brussels, Belgium
04 CopyleftConf in Brussels, Belgium
04-06 Config Management Camp in Gent, Belgium
14 I love Free Software Day
15-17 Drupalcamp in Paris, France
23 Winterkongress in Zurich, Switzerland


01-04 Faqin in Madrid, Spain
02 IV Congrés de Sobirania Tecnològica in Barcelona, Spain
02-03 Installfest in Prague, Czech Republic
04 Open Belgium in Brussel, Belgium
07-10 Drupal Mountain Camp in Davos, Switzerland
13-16 FOSSGIS-Konferenz in Dresden, Germany
14-15 t3chfest in Madrid, Spain
14-16 Free Silicon Conference in Paris, France
16-17 Chemnitzer Linux-Tage in Chemnitz, Germany
20-17 Libre en Fête
25-29 Taller de Periodismo de Datos in Madrid, Spain
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01-03 Collaborations Workshop in Loughborough, United Kingdom
01-05 Internet Freedom Festival in Valencia, Spain
04-07 Software Freedom Kosova in Prishtina, Kosova
06 Linux InfoTag in Augsburg, Germany
06 Open Education Day in Bern, Switzerland
06-07 Les Journées du Logiciel Libre in Lyon, France
06-07 16th Linux Session in Wrocław, Poland
07-10 foss-north in Gothenburg, Sweden
10-12 DjangoCon Europe in Copenhagen, Denmark
18-19 DORS/CLUC in Zagreb, Croatia
19-22 Easterhegg in Vienna, Austria
19-22 Hack the Earth in Spain
26-27 Grazer LinuxTage in Graz, Austria
26-27 Linuxwochen Eisenstadt in Eisenstadt, Austria
27 Frühlingsfest in Munich, Germany


02-04 Linuxwochen Wien in Vienna, Austria
04 Libertybits in Sofia, Bulgaria
04-05 FOSSA in Brussels, Belgium
06-12 Drupalcamp Spain in Conil, Spain
11 T-Dose in Eindhoven, the Netherlands
11 LibreItaliaConf in Palermo, Italy
17-19 Wikimedia Hackathon in Prague, Czech Republic
18 Linux Presentation Day 2019.1
18-19 OSCAL in Tirana, Albania
18-19 Linuxwochen Linz in Linz, Austria
20-23 KubeCon + CloudNativeCon Europe in Barcelona, Spain
23-26 Rencontres de la Monnaie Libre in Perpignan, France
24-25 OpenSouthCode in Malaga, Spain
24-26 openSUSE Conference in Nürnberg, Germany
25-26 MiniDebConf Marseille in Marseille, France
29-02 Libre Graphics Meeting in Saarbrücken, Germany
30-02 Gulaschprogrammiernacht in Karlsruhe, Germany
30-02 Toulouse Hacker Space Factory in Toulouse, France
30 OpenTechSummit in Berlin, Germany
31-02 Hackmeeting 0x16 in Florence, France
31-02 Wireless Community Weekend in Berlin, Germany


04-06 deRSE19 in Potsdam, Germany
05-09 MiniDebConf in Hamburg in Hamburg, Germany
08-09 TuxCon in Plovdiv, Bulgaria
11 Sharing & Reuse Conference in Bucharest, Romania
12 UK Open Source Awards in Edinburgh, United Kingdom
12-13 OW2Con in Paris, France
15-16 Jornadas de tecnología y cultura libre in Madrid, Spain
20 Open Expo in Madrid, Spain
20-22 WordCamp Europe in Berlin, Germany
21 esLibre in Granada, Spain
27-30 Pas sage en seine in Choisy-le-Roi, France


01-03 Pass the SALT in Lille, France
06 Tübix in Tübingen, Germany
25-28 Camp++ in Komárom, Hungary


01-04 Technik Camp in Überlingen, Germany
08-11 Flock
08-15 BornHack
10-11 FrOSCon
12-18 Linux Bierwanderung in South Shropshire, United Kingdom
14-18 Wikimania in Stockholm, Sweden
20-22 OpenSym in Skövde, Sweden
21-25 Chaos Communication Camp in Mildenberg, Germany
22-25 LVEE in Minsk, Belarus
23-28 GUADEC in Thessaloniki, Greece
30-08 Wuthering Bytes in Hebden Bridge, United Kingdom


04-06 GNU Hackers Meeting in Madrid, Spain
07-08 ActivityPub Conference in Prague, Czech Republic
07-13 Akademy in Milan, Italy
09-11 Linux Plumbers Conference in Lisbon, Portugal
10-13 LibreOffice Conference in Almería, Spain
11-12 Cloud Foundry Summit Europe in The Hague, the Netherlands
12 Kernel Maintainer Summit in Lisbon, Portugal
13-15 BalCCon2k19 in Novi Sad, Serbia
14 Open Source and GNU/Linux in Kiev, Ukraine
14 Tech201909Party in Madrid, Spain
14-15 Nextcloud conference in Berlin, Germany
17 Bitkom Forum Open Source in Erfurt, Germany
17-20 Owncloud Conference in Nuremberg, Germany
18-22 End Summer Camp in Venezia Tessera, Italy
20-21 Kieler Linuxtage in Kiel, Germany
20-22 Datenspuren in Dresden, Germany
20-22 Hackmeeting in Errekaleor-Gasteiz, Spain
20-22 FixFest_Reparatur-Festival in Berlin, Germany
21 Software Freedom Day around the globe
21-23 State of the Map in Heidelberg, Germany
23-25 Open Networking Summit in Antwerp, Belgium
23-26 INFORMATIK2019 in Kassel, Germany
26-29 Digitalfestival in Zurich, Switzerland
27 educode in Brussels, Belgium
30-02 Percona Live in Amsterdam, the Netherlands
30-02 Open-Access-Tage in Hannover, Germany


04 OpenSource Lisbon in Lisbon, Portugal
04-06 Hackers Congress in Prague, Czech Republic
04-06 PyConES (Python conference) in Alicante, Spain
04-06 suckless conference in Bad Liebenzell, Germany
05-06 LinuxDays in Prague, Czech Republic
10-13 Ubucon Europe in Sintra, Portugal
11-13 FOSSCOM in Lamia, Greece
12 Hacktoberfest Poznań Meetup in Poznań, Poland
17-18 TYPO3 Conference in The Hague, the Netherlands
18 DINAcon in Bern, Switzerland
19 GNU/LinuxDay – Vorarlberg in Dornbirn, Austria
19-20 OggCamp (Free Culture/FLOSS Unconference) in Sheffield, United Kingdom
22-24 ApacheCon Europe in Berlin, Germany
25-26 WikidataCon in Berlin, Germany
25-27 MiniDebConf in Vaumarcus in Vaumarcus, Switzerland
26 PSSOH Conference in Belgrade, Serbia
26 Linux Day across Italy
26-27 Sonoj Convention in Cologne, Germany
28-30 Open Source Summit + Embedded Linux Conference Europe in Lyon, France


02 EmacsConf in Online
02-03 OpenFest in Sofia, Bulgaria
07-08 Promcon in Munich, Germany
09 OSHWDem in A Coruña, Spain
12-15 Linux App Summit in Barcelona, Spain
15 SFScon in Bozen, Italy
16 Linux Presentation Day 2019.2
16-17 Capitole du libre in Toulouse, France
21-23 Piksel in Bergen, Norway
22-24 FIfFKon in Bremen, Germany


10-11 Paris Open Source Summit in Paris, France
13-15 GNU Health Con in Liège, Belgium
27-30 36th Chaos Communication Conference in Leipzig, Germany


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