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Past events in 2023


17-19 Creative Freedom Summit online EN by Fedora Design Team
27-30 P2P Basel EN in Basel, Switzerland


02-03 XMPP Summit EN in Brussels, Belgium by XMPP Standards Foundation
03 CHAOSScon Europe EN in Brussels, Belgium by Linux Foundation
03 The EU Open Source Policy Summit EN in Brussels, Belgium by Open Forum Europe
04-05 OFFDEM EN in Brussels, Belgium by Petites Singularités
04-05 FOSDEM EN in Brussels, Belgium by Fosdem Team
06-08 Config Management Camp EN in Ghent, Belgium
07-08 State of Open Con EN in London, United Kingdom by Open UK
14 I love Free Software Day online
24-25 Winterkongress DE in Zurich, Switzerland by Digitale Gesellschaft CH


02-03 t3chfest ES in Madrid, Spain
04-10 Open Data Day
11-12 Chemnitzer Linux-Tage DE in Chemnitz, Germany by Individual Network Chemnitz e.V.
13-14 FOSS Backstage EN in Berlin, Germany by Plain Schwarz
15 Open Confidential Computing Conference online EN by Edgeless Systems
15-18 FOSSGIS-Konferenz DE in Berlin, Germany by FOSSGIS e.V.
20 Libre en Fête in France
20-24 MozFest Virtual online EN by Mozilla Foundation
22 Open Source Job Fair in Leuven, Belgium by ULYSSIS VZW
29-30 Jornadas de Cultura Libre ES in Madrid, Spain by OfiLibre URJC
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07-10 Easterhegg DE in Hamburg, Germany by Chaos Computer Club Hamburg
14-15 Grazer Linuxtage DE in Graz, Austria
21-23 Linux App Summit EN in Brno, Czech Republic by KDE e.V. and GNOME Foundation
22-23 T-Dose EN in Geldrop / Eindhoven, the Netherlands by T-DOSE Foundation
23-25 foss-north EN in Gothenburg, Sweden by Foss North Conferences
29 Augsburger Linux-Infotag DE in Augsburg, Germany by Linux User Group Augsburg


06 Open Education Day DE in Bern, Switzerland by CH Open
11-12 DORS/CLUC EN in Zagreb, Croatia by HrOpen & Hulk
12 PGConf.BE 2023 EN in Leuven, Belgium by Volunteers
12-13 Congreso esLibre ES in Zaragoza, Spain by Vitalinux/migasfree
17 Icinga Camp Berlin EN in Berlin, Germany by Icinga GmbH
20 Open Source Event NL in Tilburg, the Netherlands by locHal
25-26 Lund Linux Conference EN in Lund, Sweden


01-04 Hack the Earth ES in Calafou, Spain by Calafou
07-09 SSTIC FR in Rennes, France by Association STIC
08-10 WordCamp Europe EN in Athens, Greece by WordPress
08-11 Gulaschprogrammiernacht DE in Karlsruhe, Germany by Entropia e.V.
09-10 Opensouthcode ES in Malaga, Spain
12-17 FOSS4G-IT IT in Bari, Italy by Gfoss-it
16-17 Bits & Bäume NRW DE in Münster, Germany
16-18 EN in Brno, Czech Republic by Red Hat
19-21 MozFest House EN in Amsterdam, the Netherlands by Mozilla Foundation
20-22 SUSECon23 EN in Munich, Germany by SUSE
26-02 FOSS4G 2023 EN in Prizren, Kosova by OsGEO
27-30 Embedded Open Source Summit EN in Prague, Czech Republic by Linux Foundation
28-30 Penpot Fest EN in Barcelon, Spain by Penpot
29-30 Swiss PGDay 2023 EN in Rapperswil, Switzerland by Swiss PostgreSQL Users Group


01 Tübix DE in Tübingen, Germany by Individual Organisers
03-05 Pass the SALT en in Lille, France
13-16 Camp++ EN in Komárom, Hungary
14-16 Hackover 2023 DE in Hannover, Germany by Hackover e.V.
15-21 Akademy EN in Thessaloniki, Greece by KDE e.V.
18-23 FediCamp DE in Gedelitz, Germany by Some Friends
22-29 DK in Bregninge, Denmark by The Camp
26-31 GUADEC EN in Riga, LV by GNOME Foundation


05-06 FrOSCon DE in Sankt Augustin, Germany by FrOSCon e.V.
15-19 Chaos Communication Camp in Mildenberg, Germany
22-26 Hacken Open Air DE in Gifhorn, Germany by Stratum 0


01-03 MRMCD 2023 DE in Darmstadt, Germany
08-10 BalCCon2k23 EN in Novi Sad, Serbia by LUGoNS
13-14 stackconf EN in Berlin, Germany by NETWAYS Event Services GmbH
13-14 All Systems Go EN in Berlin, Germany
13-14 FOSS4GNL in Middelburg, the Netherlands
14-16 Kielux DE in Kiel, Germany by Kieler Linux Initiative
14-17 EuroBSDCon EN in Coimbra, Portugal by EuroBSDcon Foundation
15-17 Festa do Software Livre PT in Aveiro, Portugal
16 Software Freedom Day
19-21 Open Source Summit Europe EN in Bilbao, Spain by The Linux Foundation
20-23 LibreOffice Conference en in Bucharest, Romania by The Document Foundation
21-23 Matrix Community Summit en in Berlin, Germany by Matrix Salon
27 Bitkom Forum Open Source DE in Erfurt, Germany by Bitkom e.V.
29-01 Hackmeeting es in Barcelona, Spain
30 GNU/LinuxDay – Vorarlberg DE in Dornbirn, Austria by Linux User Group Vorarlberg


12-16 Reclaim the Internet en in Berlin, Germany by Mozilla
16-18 EclipseCon EN in Ludwigsburg, Germany by Eclipse Foundation
18-20 Decidim Fest EN in Barcelona, Spain by Decidim Association
28 LDMI 2023 it in Milan, Italy by unixMiB


03-05 Ubuntu Summit EN in Riga, LV by Canonical
03-05 FIfFKon de in Berlin, Germany by FIfF e.V.
04-05 GodotCon 2023 en in Munich, Germany by Godot Foundation
07-09 OSMC in Nuremberg, Germany by netways
10-11 SFSCON en in Bozen, Italy by NOI Techpark
10-12 Tux-Tage online DE by Volunteers
10-12 State of the Map Europe en in Antwerp, Belgium by SOTMEU
11 Italian community meeting at SFSCON en/it in Bolzano, Italy
11 BSD NL en in Utrecht, the Netherlands by Mischa, Jeroen and Nour
11-12 OpenAlt konference cs in Brno, Czech Republic
15-16 NGI Forum 2023 en in Brussels, Belgium by Next Generation Internet
16 PostGISdag nl/en in Utrecht, the Netherlands by
18-19 Capitole du Libre fr in Toulouse, France by Toulibre
21-23 OSOR Conference en in Brussels, Belgium by The European Commission
28 OpenForum Academy Symposium en in Berlin, Germany by OpenForum Europe


01 CiviCamp Manchester en in Manchester, United Kingdom by CiviCRM community
01-03 PyLadiesCon online en by PyLadies
02-08 CiviCRM Sprint Derbyshire en in Derbyshire, United Kingdom by CiviCRM community
06-07 Open Source Experience en/fr in Paris, France by Systematic Paris Region
27-30 37. Chaos Communication Congress en/de in Hamburg, Germany by Chaos Computer Club


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